3 business impacting benefits that you’ll never miss if you use website builders

3 business impacting benefits that you’ll never miss if you use website builders

Even for the most experienced web designers, creating a site from scratch can often mean missing out on beneficial site and page features that the designer either may have forgotten or just didn’t know about. However, these implementations are rarely overlooked by site and layout tools, which can often lead to better traffic and sales figures. The number of layout and backend management options available to potential site designers is staggering and each have their strengths and weaknesses.

These aspects can directly lead to helping make a website a successful endeavor while neglecting them can easily mean a failed business opportunity. Some of these might be relatively easy to apply, that also means human error can just as easily come into play and cause a site designer to absentmindedly leave out altogether. Site builders alleviate these possible pitfalls:

1) Complete Meta Data

From keywords to site descriptions and other parameters, most Website builders out there make things super easy to implement and use. Tritekk.net for example, provide their users with easy-to-use tools to define and complete a site’s meta data, which is a practice that Google openly embraces. Where omitted meta tags due to hand coding will mean entirely missing out on the benefits of controlled search engine result display, site builders will usually remind users that these important tags require some kind of input. In many cases, even when a user neglects to type out this information into the tags, page builders will utilize information from the site itself to auto populate the meta information. This is far more beneficial than simply leaving out the tags altogether, but easy to forget about when building code in a .txt file.

2) Browser Compatibility and Layout Control

Especially in the case of graphically complex layouts, hovering boxes or in-page independent scrolling, attempting to code these items often leads to frustrating object placement and hours upon hours of tweaking. However, website builder tools and templates often make these features drag and drop or pre-installed, making the entire process far easier. Additionally, these tools are usually set up to ensure compatibility for all major web browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari) and will modify coding to provide site visitors with a uniform display no matter which one a site visitor might be using.

3) Responsive Web Design

This term is a little misleading in that it doesn’t mean the page responds to the users actions but that it can automatically and properly optimize the layout for mobile displays. Responsiveness is becoming significantly more important and, as such, website builders are taking it upon themselves to ensure that responsive web design is an integral part of the services they offer. Mobile phones are only getting faster and easier to navigate as we progress, meaning only more and more people will do their online shopping wherever they may be rather than only at a home or work computer. Missing the chance to create a responsive website can lead to poor visitor retention, lower sales conversion numbers and minimal return visits.

And Then Some…

Beyond these practically-necessary facets of site building, layout and site building and management tools simply make the entire process more efficient and less time consuming all around. Even better is the fact that site builders are now incredibly easy to use. As a site owner, you should be focused on the product or service for sale rather than attempting to learn markup or some web-compatible programming language.

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