All that and…..

All that and…..

We’ve all heard the saying “if it’s too good to be true, it’s not” and we have been tempted to try something. You know that “deal” that you passed up and later found later that the deal was “all that and a bag of chips”? Well Tritekk has just such a deal, a deal that is of GIGANTIC proportions.

If you are starting a business and need a complete package?

Are you looking to start up your OWN business and the startup money is costing you an arm and a leg?

Are you looking for a new hobby?

Are you tired of paying your host company ridiculous fees?

We have your solution!

I have a friend who is attending college, majoring in web design. For a Christmas present I set him up with his own hosting company. Here is what he got

Unlimited Web Hosting cPanel for Linux Parallels Plesk for Windows

Cost $140.28 per year

Unlimited Website Builder

Cost $202.68 per year

Managed Word Press- Business

Cost $239.88 per year

Standard SSL

Cost $64.99 per year

SiteLock Web Site Security-Basic

Cost $23.24 per year

Express Email Marketing

Cost $233.88 per year

Online Storage 100GB

Cost $37.56 per year

Search Engine Optimization

Cost $26.04 per year

Business E-Mail 5 email address

Cost $20.04 per year

That’s a pretty good package, everything a young entrepreneur would need to get started. That’s a $923.60 investment in to a young man’s future.

Remember the bag of chips?

Tritekk is offering all that for $70

Chips are forgotten!!!!

Everything you need to start you own business, get your company a site.

You can use all or some of the products and you also have the ability to start a business. Save money on your purchase, how? You can set it up to purchase from yourself.

This event will be over February 28th 2015

click the link to visit our reseller site to order

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