thinkingabouotstarting your own onlinestore new domains tohelp withthat
.store was53.29   now $9.23 first year    .online33.30 now$3.84 first year registration  
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Give your customers a free .com, .co, .net, .org, or .in domain when they purchase Web Hosting, Quick Shopping Cart, Website Builder, or a Managed [...]
Google Starts Giving A Ranking Boost To Secure HTTPS/SSL Sites
Security is a top priority for Google. We invest a lot in making sure that our services use industry-leading security, like strong HTTPS encryption by [...]
Social networking built into the Web? W3C gives it a go
original article The World Wide Web Consortium developes Web standards. W3C The World Wide Web Consortium has embarked on an effort to marry standardized [...]
The Dunce
For the past week there was a void on the internet. Perhaps you tried to visit the site and were greeted with the news that the site was down. Well due to [...]
A Senator Has Come Out Against Websites With Names That End In ‘.Sucks’
The World Wide Web just turned 25 and it has become a huge and sprawling place, with more websites coming online all the time. Now one U.S. senator is [...]