The Dunce

The Dunce

Boy wearing a dunce cap sitting in front of a blackboard

For the past week there was a void on the internet. Perhaps you tried to visit the site and were greeted with the news that the site was down. Well due to the fact the I FORGOT and I changed a few other thinks on that account THE DOMAIN DID NOT GET RENEWED! Yes it is mostly my fault because I did not update the registrar information and I canceled the card that it was on.  And Yes I have worn the DUNCE cap all week long , sorry no photos, and  to make sure that does not happen to you, I’ve decided to put ALL the domain services  ON SALE

Private Registration Services  was $11.13 now $7.95

Did you know that anytime you register a domain, your personal information is exposed 24 hours a day? Your name. Your address. Your phone number. Your email. It’s all published online for anyone to see, as mandated by ICANN. But you have the power to change this. With Private Registration… order 5 domains get FREE Private Registration

Protected Registration was $34.99  now $24.99

Let’s say your credit card expires and you forget to update your account with the new one. Or you change your email address. Or maybe you just forget to renew your domain. In the blink of an eye, a social engineer or someone close to you could transfer your domain name away without your permission.

When the domain name goes, your website, email account – everything – goes with it!**

Business Registration – Standard was $4.19 now $2.99

Increase traffic and make your Web site visible on the MILLIONS of daily searches at both Tritekk and other registrars with Business Registration. It’s your complete online listing and it’s instantly visible to everyone who searches for your domain name in the WhoIs database. View sample

Certified Domain  was $4.19 now $2.99

Thanks to phishing, pharming, and a long list of other scams, Web visitors grow more wary by the day. But there is something you can do to reassure them you’re one of the good guys: Put a Certified Domain validation seal on your website.

Our Summer sale is still going strong

click on the sun to save

And don’t forget the new domains that are being released. We’ve seen some of the pricing out there, We will beat their pricing  for the complete list and how to pre-register click here

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